Friday, 12 October 2012

Winter Boulder Comp Round 1 The Results!

Bouldering League 2012 - 2013 Results from Round 1
Mens ElitePointsPositionWomens ElitePointsPosition
Ross Hunter1781Anna Wells1581
Ry McHenry1772Caroline Sham1572
Malcolm Bradley1703Katie Grundy1143
Merlin Floate1574Sephera Burton1044
Ash Dean1475Dayni McConnell945
Kyle Melia1466Madeleine Wilson896
Alex Gaastra1457Naomi Moran677
Ally Coull1457
Hamish Fraser1439
Stuart Adams14210Junior GirlsPointsPosition
Mike Shorter13911Name
Jay Carr13612Heather Watson381
Callum Johnson12713
Sam Williams12414
Darren Wisniewski11815For FunPointsPosition
Paul Kinnaird10815Name
Piotr Wisthal9217Joe Vaglio1521
Tim Gomersall8918Ian Russell1502
Howard Chan7719Craig Young1483
Colin McKay7020Angus Hood1454
James Richardson6921Ian Cackette1325
Andrew Ford6022Sarah Reid876
Tom Metcaye807
Mens VetsPointsPosition
John Donaldson451
David Hainsworth422
Junior BoysPointsPosition
Scott Donaldson 1421
Andrew Hainsworth1202
Liam Rae803
Dhruv Makwana474

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Boulder comp start time:

Boulder comp start time:

OK we made a boo boo.  The comp should have started at 18:30 and not 17:30.  Who needs 4 hours after all???!!

We will start at 17:30 but if you're in alter don't worry at all as you can pay in and pick up a registration card at reception at any point in the night.

If folks struggle to get here for the early start we'll start closer to 18:30.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Reminder for this Thursday and Friday: Bouldering comp

Just a reminder folks that the first round of the bouldering league is taking place on Friday.

This means that on Thursday night (4th) there will be some disruption on the bouldering wall as we begin to strip the problems off.  We will strip panel by panel from 8.30pm.

On Friday (5th) the bouldering wall and slab of the Dream Tower will be closed all day.  The rest of the wall will be open from 10am to 3pm.

From 3pm onwards the entire wall will be closed for setting.  The comp begins at 17:30 and will run until 21:30.

The bouldering wall will be closed for re-setting on Sunday 7th October with a whole new batch of great problems being put up.

See you Friday!!!